CAVU Creations FAQs

Updated 1/31/24

Find answers to all your burning questions here.  

What happened to CAVU? 
As of January 1st, 2024, I've closed down my shop, CAVU Creations. But new things are coming! I'm already hard at work on a fun new shop, called Three in Kind. It'll be located right here, on this same website, so check back for more details soon! Please also sign up for my newsletter here--I'll be sending out information on the transition as I get my ducks lined up in a pretty little row :)

How can I contact you? 
Please email me at or visit the Contact Us page to send a message through the website. Either way, I'll get back to you shortly!

What clothing sizes do you offer? 
Find size charts here.

Are your items handmade? What about local? 
In my workshop, I personally cut, sand, paint, and finish each of the wooden mountains in my shop.
My wall art, buttons, and decals all feature my original designs, but I often use other companies to print them. More details on those items can be found on their respective collection pages and item descriptions.

You used to run the business CAVU Creations. What does CAVU mean? 
CAVU = Clear Above Visibility Unlimited. It's a term used in aviation to describe clear skies and beautiful weather. Learn more about why I chose this name in my "About" section.

I live in or near Anacortes, can I pick up my order in person?
Absolutely! If you're checking out with a local address, you should see a "Local Delivery" option at checkout. If you don't see that, please send a note to before (or right after) ordering, and we'll arrange a pick up location and time (any shipping costs already paid will happily be refunded).  

* CAVU-specific questions *

Where do you purchase your fabrics? 
The fabrics I use come from the following textile manufacturers:
> Spoonflower (CAVU too Designs) –
   * All Spoonflower fabrics used in this shop feature my original designs.  
> Birch Fabrics –
> Cloud9 Fabrics –
The one-piece bodysuits and tees I sew appliques onto, and have my designs printed on, are made by Colored Organics (, Royal Apparel, and HAE Now Organic Tee. 

Can I buy fabric from you? 
I don't sell fabric directly from this shop, but you can purchase my original designs on the fabric (or wallpaper!) of your choice by visiting my Spoonflower page here:

Organic cotton - why bother? 
All of the organic cotton products in this shop are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. That means the cotton used to make the fabrics in for these products is grown naturally, with sustainable practices, and without herbicides or pesticides (or other harmful chemicals). Farming cotton this way helps preserve the surrounding ecosystem, conserves energy, and helps protect the health of the people in the local community. It also prevents those chemicals from being incorporated into the fabrics we use and wear.

> Learn more about GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification and what it means here:

Why don't you separate your items into girl and boy sections?
Here at CAVU Creations, we believe colors shouldn't be restricted to one gender or the other. I know quite a few boys who love pink and purple, and girls who can't get enough blue and green. Same goes for rainbows, planes, and all the other shapes. If you're looking for a specific color palette, the best way to find pieces in that color is to use the search box at the top of each page.

How do I care for my CAVU Creations?
All fabrics (except bodysuits and tees) have been pre-washed with baby-friendly "free" detergent. I prewash the fabric to prevent further shrinkage and remove any residue from manufacturing. Cotton interlock knit fabric has a tendency to shrink quite a bit on the first washing, which is why I wash the fabric before cutting. No surprise shrinkage here!

Your new items will get softer with each washing. To ensure they last their longest, try always to wash warm or cold on the "gentle" cycle, using only phosphate-free detergent, and dry with low heat. It helps to wash clothing inside out--it increases longevity and preserves the colors of the prints.

That being said, life with babies is crazy. I get it. Those instructions are the ideal, but your CAVU duds are made with premium fabric that can survive whatever wash cycle you need them to, they'll just fade a bit more if regularly washed and/or dried hot. Detailed care instructions will be included with each purchase.

For the wooden mountains, please wipe clean as necessary, but there's no need to use special cleaners. The pieces are all finished with a clear coat so they're quite durable.

All decals and stickers in my shop are made with a weather resistant vinyl that withstands most daily wear and tear, and they're dishwasher-safe, too!

When will I receive my order?
Almost everything in my shop has already been sewn and is therefore "ready to ship." Orders for these items will ship within 1-2 business days. The only exception to that time frame is on the rare occasion when I have a processing delay. Temporary shipping updates will be noted at the very top of every page in my shop and included in your order confirmation email.   

Made-to-order items (clearly stated as such in the item description), custom orders, and prints will have their own turnaround times, which will be listed in the item description or on your invoice.  

All orders ship USPS. Depending on the total weight of your order, you will be offered a number of shipping options at checkout.  Here's a summary of what you'll be offered:

Domestic (within the U.S.)
> First Class (for orders less than 16oz) / 2-5 days, tracked
> Priority Mail (all orders) / 2-3 days, tracked
> Priority Express (all orders) / 1-2 days guaranteed, tracked

> First Class International / tracked to most destinations
> Priority Mail International / 6-10 business days, tracked to most destinations

You will receive a notification when your order ships with tracking information.  If you have questions about your order delivery time frame, please email for details.

Do you sell in person at local markets?
Yes! And I'd love to see you! You can find me at the Anacortes Farmers Market during the summer, and various other markets in the Northwest throughout the year. Please check out my Market Calendar page here for the latest list of dates.

Are your items carried in local shops?
Yes! I currently have an exclusive line of locally-themed bodysuits and tees available at Lil' Tugs Children's Boutique in Anacortes, WA. Lil' Tugs also carries a selection of my original prints, both framed and unframed. 

I also have various stockists around the PNW, both in stores, and as part of subscription boxes :)  Hoping for your local store to carry the CAVU line? Send them to my Stockists page to set up a wholesale account!

I've seen that you make flannel and minky blankets, nursery pillow covers, and bunting banners. Do you still make these, and if so, where can I find them?
Yes, while my organic cotton goods and prints are my primary focus, I do still have the above items for sale through my Etsy shop,

Do you have reviews of your products I can peruse?
Yes! I have been selling my items through my Etsy shop since 2013 and have many reviews there. You can find them by clicking here: Etsy Reviews


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