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Fabric Face Mask - Child ORGANIC

Fabric Face Mask - Child ORGANIC

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<< Current production time is 5-7 days >>

These double-layered handmade fabric face masks are sewn with tightly woven 100% organic cotton. 3mm braided elastic is used for the ear loops.

The elastic ear loops are generous in size and adjustable by untying and retying the knots in the elastic. If you’d like extra length on ear loops, please add a note at checkout.

Child-sized masks are designed for kids under 12 and measure 7” wide, and approximately 3” tall with the pleats closed. With the pleats fully opened, the mask from top to bottom measures 6.5” in order to extend from mid-nose to under the chin. There are three pleats sewn into the mask. For comfort, children’s masks do not have wire sewn into the nose-bridge area like adult masks (wear testing determined it was more bothersome than helpful). All seams are back-stitched or double-stitched for durability.

The mask should be worn with the folds pointing down on the outside (the CAVU tag will be on the bottom left of your face).

*** Do NOT place a mask on a child younger than 2, a person with trouble breathing, or on anyone who is unable to remove it themselves. ***

These masks can and should be washed regularly. The CDC recommends washing in a washing machine. Please see the CDC’s latest guidelines on handmade mask wearing here.

Please note, these masks do not replace an N95 or other medical-grade masks. Those should be used and reserved for healthcare professionals. The intent of these fabric face masks is that they’re worn in situations where proper social distancing measures cannot be maintained.

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